I liked the number and variety of case studies.

The video review was a good opportunity to review personal style and look for ways to adapt.

"Enjoyed video analysis, feedback and power of role plays. Content was well presented, liked the fact that real case studies were used. Examples from other industries are powerful. Good day!"

"Video review and role plays were great."

"Good practice, liked the role plays and working with small teams. I refreshed my skills, it was a good wake up call. Learned preparation: now I think more to get to the bottom outcome. Six principles Cianini video was very interesting, real and relevant case studies, good processes, skills learned and tools provided."

"The trainer's style is very encouraging and engaging. Enjoyed the case studies and group participation was fun, encouraging and easy to learn."

"Life stories anchor the principles and gives real credibility to the training team. Found persuasion and influence module very practical."

"Exciting, new and existing ways of growing business and develop better processes. Review of videos was invaluable. Reinforcing key information whilst building good ground."

"Stories to support bought theory to life and gave confidence that theory works. Practice and case studies were great. Getting comfortable preparing was very useful and gives you confidence."

"Cianini video was enlightening and valuable. Review of case study highlights significant issues in process and outcome. Relaxed open forum, enjoyed the examples used. Good flow with deep knowledge and understanding."

"Enjoyed the use of real examples to bring theory to life, practice and role playing. Lots of engagement and activity, the day was broken up well and went quickly."

"Course was very fluid and I could practice what we had just learned with case studies. Enjoyed the video on persuasion tips and rules how to make people say yes more often."

"I enjoyed the variations and the practice preparation."

"Enjoyed sharing real life experiences from others and the blend of theory s practice was great."

"Whole brain profile and analysis were my favourite."

"Case studies and discussion that followed up were very useful."

"I enjoyed the small group sessions."

"It was interesting to see and hear feedback on style during video review."

"Great presenter, interesting examples, well planned session. Was great to role-play with Diagnose colleagues."

"Enjoyed enthusiasm and knowledge of instructors, including the stories. Good flow and interaction during course. The case studies were interesting, the stories that illustrated different points were great. Good team work."

"Liked learning and listening to an interesting trainer. Enjoyed the team case studies and highlighting the simplicity of negotiating better."

"It was good to became aware of the negotiation tactics."

"Good examples and case studies, group discussions, experiences and good breakout time. Watching every level during role play was great."

"Open and relaxed forum. It was very relevant to our roles at Diagnose."

"Good facilitator and relaxed approach. Enjoyed the lessons in negotiation, trainer's humour and understanding other people."

"Enjoyed everything. Language: how to wrap it, BATNA and learning how to confirm a process for negotiation. Understanding left and right brain and where I fit was very good. Learning TKI tactics and how to identify them was very beneficial. Liked observing and commenting on role plays."

"The examples that brought the learnings to life were all great and kept energy levels high, I am looking forward to putting more case studies into practice. Personal profiles were a great insight for development and six principles Spalding video was excellent.
Video review was very good to see areas of improvement. Case studies were great, paced picked up to a good level. The negotiation process was very insightful and a great learning. A thoroughly enjoyable day."

"Hands on role plays, great group interaction and team environment."

"Great passion from the speaker for the subject. Good that our sales director kicked it off. Loved the 6 principles piece and want to put it into practice. Loved the stories, good reference material, great to do it with peers, enjoyed dynamic of group negotiation. The expert insight is very valuable, active participation through live case study, always fun and engaging."

"Good use of a variety of examples and members opinion encouragement. Cialdini video was fascinating. Some great insights and examples."

"I was really into the theory, enjoyed understanding the HBDI profiles and how it conforms to others, it was very informative. Enjoyed role play, case study, identifying on styles and behaviours, the tools that we will take away and the fact that support is available after the course."

"Great practice and review of case studies. The interaction and contribution from others is great to learn from. Really liked the detailed information for each topic that was covered by the trainers. Great learning from the reviews of case studies. Environment was real safe and comfortable to receive feedback."

"The discussions were very valuable and the negotiation session and review were beneficial."

"The case studies are excellent. The stories are the memory hook to recall the learning. Very good stories and role plays."

"I liked the case studies and their relevance."

"Liked the role plays, activity based learning and putting case studies into practice."



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