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Discussing the Art of Entrepreneurship  - by Sameer Panjwani
To be a successful small business owner, you need to understand multiple things and be extremely efficient. This means you must be well versed in the “art of entrepreneurship.” How much do you know about the following?

Moments of Power
Lots of people have good cases to make – but the people who get the lion’s share of what’s on offer are people who make this case the best.

Virtual Management - a New Business Organization Paradigm - by JJ Murphy
This article discusses how traditional organizational management methods and structures are failing to adequately accommodate a complexity-based world view, which is characterized by discontinuous change, hyper competition and the exponential explosion of information science. Virtual organizational management is the needed change in the management paradigm.

Collaborative Negotiating Strategy?
Matching the negotiating strategy to your type of negotiation will improve your bottom line and save you time. Is a collaborative negotiating strategy your best choice?

Profit From Business Sales Negotiation Training (part II of II)
Consistently achieving above average business sales negotiation results requires that your company establish a corporate negotiation capability. This article analyses crucial factors that underpin the establishment of a business negotiating capability for sales departments.

Profit from Business Negotiation Skills Training (Part I of II)
For the smallest investment of time and money, your business can achieve outsized bottom line profit results through business negotiations training.

Your Whole Brain HBDI Negotiation Team
Different occupations require unique mental requirements. The best solution for the company and the employee is to have the closest alignment between the employees and their work. This article sheds light upon some aspects on how to be part of an efficient, HBDI negotiation team or build one and become far more effective in your negotiations.

Cross Cultural Negotiation - by Michal Zieba
Learn about the components of a cross cultural negotiation process to increase your success in avoiding barriers and failures in the international business arena.

Neutralising Manipulative Negotiation Tactics - by Calum Coburn
We analyse manipulative and non-manipulative negotiation tactics and their vital counters. Prerequisite for every serious business deal maker.

Making First Offers - the pros and cons - by Dr DP Venter
The decision as to who should make the opening move frequently causes great uncertainty and anxiety amongst negotiators. This is especially true when they lack reliable information about the other party.This article analyses the pros and conns of making the first offer.

Negotiating Strategic Alliances: Learning to Live with Ambiguity - by Rajesh Kumar, Associate Professor of International BusinessThe Aarhus Sch
In an era of rapid technological change strategic alliances have become an important part of most company's portfolios.The article analyses the ambiguity that is characteristic of alliances although the sources of ambiguity may clearly be distinct at different phases of alliance evolution.

10 Key Lessons on Negotiation - Part 2 - by Dr David Venter
This article follows on from '10 Key Lessons from the World of Negotiation' - Part 1.

Persuasive Sales Negotiation (Part III of III)
In this, the last article of the series Persuasive Sales Negotiation, we examine how we can apply the last two principles, authority and scarcity to optimise our sales negotiations.

10 Key Lessons from the World of Negotiation - Part 1 of 2 - by Dr David Venter
10 Key Lessons from the World of Negotiation, ten negotiation tips negotiation secrets, London UK. Negotiation Skills Training for Professional Sales Teams. Upgrade skills with negotiating Sales Training.

Persuasive Sales Negotiation (Part II of III)
The third principle of persuasion according to Dr Robert Cialdini, is the the principle of "Social Proof". This principle states that we determine what is correct by finding out what other people think is correct. This article follows on Persuasive Sales Negotiation - Part I.

Negotiating with an unreasonable manager - by Calum Coburn
Negotiating your way successfully through career challenges are the building blocks that will make you a great manager. Learn how to negotiate with an unreasonable manager.

Persuasive Sales Negotiation (Part I of III)
The task of the salesperson in the 21st century has become quite complex. To achieve and maintain competitive advantage, sales professionals need to continually update and improve their skills.This article is a continuation of the series 'Persuasive Sales Negotiation.

Framing - an important Negotiation Tool - by Dr David Venter
This article examines the Framing and Re-Framing Reframing negotiation tool. A frame directs the observer to focus on a feature of an issue within the frame and to disregard other features of the same issue which fall outside this frame.

Salary Negotiations - by Calum Coburn
Salary negotiation is only one of many significant facets of a job interview. Learn to prepare and ask all the important questions necessary for you to assess whether the job, team, boss and organisation are worthy of you.

Are You Winning over the Clients you Want or Losing Out?
The key to sound negotiation includes proper preparation, framing, recognising the techniques and ploys of others, as well as settling on agreements that stick. It is crucial that we are armed with the appropriate tools, which maximise the return on our relationships with the other party.

Sales Negotiations Training: How to get the most
Learn how to maximise your sales negotiation effectiveness. Successful sales are about ending up with win more/win more results, where both organisations feel that they have benefited from the transaction.

What is a BATNA? - by Dr David Venter
The better a negotiator's BATNA, the greater that negotiator's power, given the attractive alternative that negotiator could resort to if an acceptable agreement is not reached.BATNA allows far greater flexibility and room for innovation than is the case with a predetermined bottom line.

What's more Dangerous than Govt Files on you? Employers' Files - by Phil Baker
Employers pose a bigger threat to your future success than governments when it comes to your personal information. It's interview time - you`re not invited because of a misprint from a database you`ve never heard of before. No-one will call, nobody will write you. Here's what you need to know.

Negotiation Persuasion - by Dr David Venter
Mastering the art of persuasion is key to managers effectively responding to the many taxing problems inherent to the rapidly transforming business environment. Effective persuasion, requires of managers to acquire negotiation skills that will equip them to lead their employees towards joint problem solving and joint opportunity finding.

Costly Negotiation Failures - by Professor Manie Spoelstra
This article captures the sad consequences of failure to negotiate and peacefully resolve conflicts by highlighting two of the most telling examples.

Negotiation: Common Ground - by Sebastian Herweg
At some point parties entering into a contract will find something of interest in the offerings that the other party has.When parties overcoming zero interest positions begin to pursue interests it is commonly referred to as establishing common ground,without which negotiations are difficult and unfocused.

Creating Tomorrow's Corporate Architecture
There is more to negotiations than merely outsmarting our opponents. This article discusses how organisations can improve their negotiated results by implementing an enterprise wide approach to negotiations, thereby creating an organisational capability in negotiations.

Negotiation as a Corporate Capability (Part I of II)
Learning interpersonal negotiation skills is an absolute necessity for every professional negotiator.This article discusses how to acquire the ability to perform consistently in all negotiations across the enterprise with a view to acquire competitive advantage.

Negotiation Across Cultural Boundaries - by Professor Manie Spoelstra
This article analyses the importance of understanding and recognising differences in the use of non-verbal cues and body language of customers, especially those from other cultural backgrounds, to avoid costly misinterpretation during negotiation.

Book Review: Getting to Yes - by Sebastian Herweg
Learn the principles of negotiation tactics and how to negotiate with other people.The book review of Getting to Yes will be worthwhile for all negotiators.

Modern Negotiations - by Professor Manie Spoelstra - A look at negotiating in the 21st Century
This article discusses the crossfire of technological demands.If we are to successfully conduct our business in future, we have little choice but to creatively respond to these demands.

Negotiation Strategy
Negotiation strategy is a topic that elicits enthusiastic debate in most forums. In the present competitive environment that organisations and individuals find themselves it is necessary to approach the topic of negotiation strategy far more seriously.

Negotiation Tips, Ploys and Techniques (Part II of II)
This article discusses that it is important to use negotiating techniques or methods of persuasion to influence ethically, not with the sole purpose of benefiting yourself at the cost of others. The use of these negotiation techniques should create something of value to both sides in any interaction.

Negotiation Tips, Ploys and Techniques (Part I of II)
Using some negotiating tips and ploys mean better deals and boost in your sales. Take a step ahead in your negotiation training and improve on your techniques of negotiation. Let's review some simple, sure-fire negotiation tips.

The Use of Power in Negotiation (Part III of III)
In this edition, we will conclude the three part series by further exploring the remaining two kinds of Interpersonal Power - Expert Power and Referent Power in Negotiation.

The Use of Power in Negotiations (Part II of III)
In the previous article of this series we discussed Parity In Power. In this edition, we will explore the two kinds of Interpersonal Power. Legitimate power and Reward power.

The Use of Power in Negotiations (Part I of III)
This article analyses the study of power and its effect on the understanding of negotiation and relationships flowing from any negotiation.

Establishing Rapport in Negotiations - by Wayne Berry
Learn how to win instantaneous trust,the trust that leads to strong sustainable deals.Rapport requires of us as negotiators to develop the ability to place ourselves in the shoes of the other party and then view the world from their perspective.

The Rule of Reciprocation - by Professor Manie Spoelstra
This article discusses the importance of the rule of reciprocation in negotiation.It is at the very centre of the reject-then-retreat and door-in-the-face techniques, both relying heavily on the pressure to reciprocate concessions.

Spotlight: Set up your employment negotiations by compiling an effective CV/Resume - by Professor Manie Spoelstra
Learn how to make your employment resume/cv stand out by knowing how to use the most relevant qualifications and experience that applies to the job or position.

The Concepts of Vision & Mission Revisited - by JJ Murphy
Learn how an organisation should state its mission with a new perspective on its vision. Discover how new business strategies affect the values and focus of today's organisation.


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