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Advanced Negotiation Training

As a negotiator with some experience, are you deploying proven, best practice strategies and tools that ensure consistently successful outcomes? Do you have a debriefing and reviewing strategy that ensures constant improvement?

When engaged in high value, complex negotiations where your skill as a negotiator may prevent losses and increase the gains for you and your organisation, how do you significantly increase your capability to:

  • prepare effectively
  • understand the needs and interests of all parties
  • identify and counter negotiation tactics
  • conclude significantly better agreements as a result of creativity
  • formalise deals that can be described as completely optimal?

Award Best Instructor Led Training Provider (Advanced Negotiations), The Negotiation Academy's award winning framework is specifically designed to enhance your negotiation outcomes. We call it Value Creation and it forms the back bone of all our consulting and training engagements.

The Value Creation framework is based on a combination of sound academic theory and significant practical business negotiation experience to provide you with a due diligence framework that will ensure that you are able to:

  • understand the full impact of both internal and external negotiation activities
  • create the ideal BATNA (Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement) per engagement
  • successfully manage complex negotiations with challenging parties
  • identify and counter negotiation tactics
  • move your negotiation from claiming value to creating value
  • ensure effective team composition based on negotiation strengths and weaknesses
  • understand how full sharing of both parties' visions can enhance the outcome
  • create and maintain long term, quality relationships based on 100% collaboration
  • learn effective team management and development strategies
  • successfully facilitate team composition

Delegates attending The Advanced Negotiations training course may have varying objectives. Certain professionals pursue the skills development as a result of moving into a more senior negotiation role. Others attend with a view to enhancing their existing negotiation skills in order to successfully manage a specific forthcoming engagement. The course is delivered by a Senior Consultant with experience in complex, multi-party, cross-cultural negotiations. Delegates are encouraged to address individual objectives and challenges during the workshop to ensure customised support.


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